Winter Weather Policy

Our district does not close schools because of any weather or road conditions. But, in order to ensure staff members do not put their safety at risk, these is a school district policy around winter weather conditions.

Should you be unable to attend work due to issues such as frozen vehicles, no taxis, road conditions, etc. and have made a reasonable effort to try and get to work and cannot get to your worksite, you need to contact your principal immediately, and inform them on whether you are taking a vacation or discretionary day.

Here is a copy/ paste of the school district policy:

…. if a staff member is unable to travel to work because of weather or road conditions, a discretionary day, vacation or leave without pay will be granted, as applicable, in accordance with the relevant collective agreement. • Staff are expected to make every reasonable effort to travel to work, but should not place themselves at undue risk in attempting to do so….