If You Have a Concern

Do you have a concern or issue ? Here’s our grievance process.

Stage 1: With or without a union steward, a member may approach their immediate supervisor to express a concern. This gives the employer an opportunity to resolve the issue immediately.

Stage 2. If not resolved, the member may contact a shop steward or our Chief Shop Steward, Cindy Hedstrom to discuss concerns. The executive board will review the issue , if it is breach of our Collective Agreement, a formal grievance is filed from the union office.

Stage 2: Usually the stage 2 meeting is held at the worksite with the immediate supervisor , principal or business manager, a union steward and the member. Typically, a CUPE notetaker will be attending with the union steward.

Stage 3: An additional meeting is held at the board office, with an HR office or director of HR, and either our CUPE President or CUPE Vice President, a union steward, a CUPE notetaker and the member ( the member can choose to attend or not)

Keep in mind, the grievance process is not a negative action. It helps us resolve a complaint or issue, and opens the lines of communication for everyone!