2020- 2021 Learning Improvement Fund (LIF)

Your LIF time is not be scheduled as part of working directly with students, photocopying or filing etc.
It is for consultation, collaboration and planning. Options for scheduling are:

daily          9 minutes elementary             12 minutes high school
weekly     45 minutes elementary            60 minutes high school
biweekly  90 minutes elementary          120 minutes high school

Increasing weekly EA hours to enhance special education to provide increased time for consultation, collaborative planning and meetings. 

EA includes: Education Assistants, Youth Care Workers, Aboriginal Education Workers and Early Childhood Educators.

Identified support staff working in the district will have 45 or 60 minutes of paid time added to their weekly time allocations for the 40 weeks of school to provide for increased student coverage during the school day, to attend IEP meetings, and other school-based meetings.

·Elementary LIF for identified support staff working 17. 5 to 29.25 hours per week will receive 45 minutes per week

 Secondary LIF for identified support staff working 17.5 to 34.0 hours per week will receive 60 minutes per week.